For almost 40 years, Westmorland Historical Society has produced newsletters, which are available for reference at the Graydon Milton Library and Genealogy Centre. More recent newsletters can be downloaded here:

September 2020

  • Dorchester’s Mi’kmaq
  • ‘Prankhurst Manor’: The Story of the Dollhouse

June 2020

  • A Company’s Guilt or a Child’s Innocence? The Tragic Death of Agnes Melanson at the Dominion Cotton Mill, Moncton 1893
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook

February 2020

  • St. James Textile Museum Report
  • Betty Adams in Memoriam
  • Sir Pierre-Amand Landry: Does His Message Still Resonate?

September 2019

  • Museum Manager’s Report
  • Dorchester’s Last Hangings

June 2019

  • Eddie Bowes in Memoriam
  • The Worst Laid Plans of Mice and Men: The Sorry Saga of the Westmorland Chemical Park
  • Dorchester’s Fourth Murder Trail and Hanging

February 2019

  • St. James Report: The Millville Room
  • “Up the Centre and Down the Muddle”: Doug How’s Tribute to Foster Hewitt
  • Dorchester’s Third Jail and Hanging

September 2018

  • Museum Manager/Curator’s Report
  • Dorchester’s Second Jail and Hanging
  • Dorchester Memories: Ernie Partridge Remembers Teddy, the Dorchester Bear
  • A Special Magic: The First Fifty Years of Cooking at Keillor House
  • New Bedroom Furniture in the Keillor House Master Bedroom
  • St. James Textile Museum Report

June 2018

  • Remembering Sylvia
  • Dorchester’s First Jail and Hanging
  • The Dorchester Poorhouse: Lost but Unlamented
  • New Businesses to Open at the Bell Inn

February 2018

  • The Bernie Brigade Does it Again
  • WHS Awarded Senate Medal
  • A Forgotten Bedfellow: Celebrating the Hand-Woven Coverlet
  • All that Gliters: Shopping for Buttons in Early Westmorland County
  • The Sad End of a Lost Landmark—and of a Dream

September 2017

  • Celebrating the Haunted House Tour
  • Museum Manager’s Report
  • Albert J. Smith, Dorchester’s ‘Stepfather’ of Confederation

June 2017

  • Dorchester Memories: Jim How; “It was better in the old days”
  • Edward Barron Chandler and Albert James Smith: Dorchester’s Father and Stepfather of Confederation
  • The Chandler Family (Based largely on Helen Petchey, Chandler of Rocklyn)

February 2017

  • Another Honour for Alice
  • The Weldon Hearse at Keillor House Museum
  • Captain Edmund O’Neal, Aunt ‘Em’, and the Kaiser’s Watch
  • An Update on the Date of Keillor House

September 2016

  • Museum Manager’s Report
  • What Can We Say About Alice (Folkins)? Part 2
  • A Year at the Hardware Store, by Douglas How
  • The Commemoration of Chandler House

June 2016

  • Exhibit: Homey Elegance, Aspiring Gentility
  • What Can We Say About Alice (Folkins)? Part 1
  • A Family for All Seasons, by Douglas How
  • New Publication: In Search of John Keillor

February 2016

  • When Time Took Time, by Douglas How
  • Katie’s Memories: A Rocklyn Girl’s Retrospective on the Early Years of WHS
  • Report on the Keillor House Project

September 2015

  • Museum Manager’s Report
  • St. James Textile Museum Report
  • The Acquisition and Restoration of Keillor House: Our First “Megaproject”
  • Our Volunteers

June 2015

  • Special Exhibit: Love in War Time
  • The Early History of WHS Part 1
  • Another Tidbit from the Keillor Project: The Dating of Keillor House
  • Greater Dorchester Moving Forward
  • Our WHS Volunteers

February 2015

  • AMNB Honours Judy Morison
  • John Keillor’s Account with Amos Fowler 1789-99
  • Was Dorchester’s First Post Office in Keillor House?
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our WHS Volunteers

September 2014

  • Meet the Staff
  • The Origins of the Bell Inn Restaurant
  • A Researcher’s Serendipitous Thrill
  • Our WHS Volunteers

June 2014

  • New Acquisition: Ledgers from the Windsor
  • Book Review: Sackville Then and Now
  • Cavour Chapman: A Public Spirited Citizen
  • Our WHS Volunteers

February 2014

  • Inga’s Home Run
  • Dorchester Memories: Ernie Partridge Pt. III
  • A History of the Bell Inn
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our WHS Volunteers

September 2013

  • St. James Textile Museum
  • The Fine Art of Textile Conservation
  • Dorchester Memories: Ernie Partridge Pt. II
  • Memories of a Lost Landmark: The Hickman Barn
  • A Tribute to our Volunteers from Westmorland Institute
  • Our WHS Volunteers

June 2013

  • Noteworthy Events
  • Dorchester Memories: Ernie Partridge Pt. I
  • Book Reviews: Two New WHS Publications
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

February 2013

  • Events Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Keillor House 2013
  • A Tale of Two Churches Part 2: St. James, Dorchester
  • Review of The Covenanters in Canada by Eldon Hay
  • A Dorchester ‘Ferry Tale’
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

September 2012

  • Darrel Butler on the Keillor House Furniture Collection
  • A Tale of Two Churches: The Presbyterians of Rockland and Dorchester
  • Beyond the ‘Begats’ I Found Politics
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

June 2012

  • The Hotels of Dorchester
  • Memories of a Different Kind: Dorchester Penitentiary as an Historic Site?
  • Why Dorchester Became the Shiretown and Sackville Did Not
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

February 2012

  • Bernie’s Garden
  • Preserving Dorchester’s History and Our Stories
  • Domestic Textile Production in Early New Brunswick
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

November 2011

  • AMNB Honours Gene Goodrich
  • Dorchester Memories – Garfield Spence, Part 2
  • Westmorland Institution and WHS
  • Notes from Marlene’s Scrapbook
  • Our Volunteers

June 2011

  • AMNB Honours Edith & Wayne Gilcash
  • Robert J. Cunnungham
  • Dorchester Memories – Garfield Spence, 1923-2008, Part 1
  • New Welcome Centre in Keillor House
  • Keillor House Museum
  • Stage Coach Days, Part II
  • Our Volunteers

May 2009

  • The Intellectual World of Josiah Wood
  • More Browsing in the Wood Library
  • Dorchester Memories – Art McCready
  • Stage Coach Days, Part I
  • Keillor House Museum
  • Memories from the Past
  • Our Volunteers

October 2008

  • Shipbuilding in Westmorland County
  • Browsing in the Wood Library
  • Dorchester Memories – Charlie McEwen
  • St. James Museum
  • Keillor House Museum
  • Library & Genealogy
  • Our Volunteers

February 2008

  • ‘Highland Soldier’
  • Josiah Wood
  • Library & Genealogy
  • St. James Museum
  • Keillor House
  • Board News
  • Our Volunteers

October 2007

  • With Axe & Bible
  • The Wood Library
  • St. James Church
  • School Outreach
  • Library News
  • Keillor House News
  • Our Volunteers