The Keillor House Museum Experience

The maids and hired hands of Keillor House are here to guide you on a journey into a colourful corner of New Brunswick’s past. The Keillor story is not one that you hear often: A tale of hard work and diligence where a simple yeoman-farmer from Yorkshire, England, raised his social status to become a respected Gentleman; no simple feat in those times. The story weaves through the handsome Georgian stone mansion and touches on place and politics of a young New Brunswick. It leads through the entire Victorian era and a cavalcade of unique and interesting characters. Your journey also includes a visit to the Coach House where the Dorchester Penitentiary exhibit provides a glimpse into a world that most never see.

The Keillor House Experience offers something for everyone; our guides tailor each tour for young and old alike, highlighting the historical aspects that speak to you the most!

Looking for your roots?  The Graydon Milton Library & Genealogy Centre at Keillor House Museum holds genealogical and historical materials related to Dorchester and the south east region of New Brunswick and may be useful to researchers, writers and genealogists. Access to these materials is by appointment only and subject to availability. Contact us via email for further information.

The St. James Textile Museum Experience

This repurposed 1884 church building is now a vibrant, creative space where visitors and community members can come together to explore weaving and other fiber arts. Half museum and half studio, St. James Textile Museum invites visitors to learn about historical forms of fiber and textile production by actually taking part! You can try carding wool, spinning, and weaving on antique looms with guidance from our knowledgeable staff members. See the complete processes of turning flax into linen and wool into finished, functional items. Explore the Beachkirk Collection, which gives an insightful look into the making of textiles in the late 1800s and is home to turn-of-the-century blacksmith and carpentry tools, unique hand tools, agricultural implements, and a selection of items once used for daily domestic chores.

Look for us at local craft markets and events or stop in at the Keillor House Museum gift shop to browse a selection of handwoven kitchen towels, cloth napkins, placemats, scarves, and more functional art pieces crafted in the museum! Many of the items we sell are completely one-of-a-kind which makes them wonderful gifts and meaningful souvenirs.

Historical Walking Tour of Dorchester

Review 13 points of interest, including the Village Square, Keillor House MuseumSt. James Textile Museum, and buildings of historic significance to Dorchester’s history as the shiretown of Westmorland County.

You can follow the tour online, or download the BaladoDiscovery app to your mobile device.

Total length of tour: 3.54 km.

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